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2021 Tips for Cyber Security

2021 Tips for Cyber Security

| January 20, 2021

As we’ve seen, data breaches, such as the Russian-based SolarWinds attack that was announced late last year, can have major impact on online security. In light of these recent data breaches, we wanted to send along some tips to keep your online data secure and protect yourself from cybercrime. 

Email Phishing Scams: During the holidays, cyber criminals send fake holiday e-cards with links that are malicious and steal personal information. 

Shipping Notification Scams: Due to the high number of shipping delays, scammers are sending fraudulent package notices attempting to get your personal data.  If you receive a suspicious email about a delivery, do not open the links or respond with any personal information. Contact the delivery service directly for more information. 

Keep all Software Updated: Critical updates and patches are essential in not only making your devices function better, but also make your device more secure and protect you from cyber criminals. 

Avoid Public WiFi: If you are outside of your secure network always use a VPN or cellular connection to secure your data from outside eyes. 

Strong Passwords and Multi-factor Authentication: Use differing password for different online access points, create complex passwords and change anytime you feel something may have been compromised. When possible, utilize multi-factor authentication for additional security.

Monitor Accounts: Check your online financial accounts regularly for suspicious spending. Take advantage of text and email alerting services that many banks and credit card companies now offer. 

Physically Secure your Devices: Never leave your electronic devices unattended. Do not put devices in checked luggage or leave them in hotel rooms. Use safes where possible.

Be Wary of Ads: Deals, giveaways and contests that seem too good to be true could be a potential scam. There are a lot of these scams circulating this time of year. 

Protecting your information is a priority for us. We take proactive and intentional steps to safeguard your information against cybersecurity threats. Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding online security and protection your account information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.